Webinar: 5 Key Elements of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

Recently, Vancouver Island and Greater Vancouver residents felt the shake of a 4.8 earthquake.

While it wasn’t serious it was startling and a wakeup call for many as far as earthquake preparedness.

Disasters, which strike businesses every single day, are equal opportunity offenders. Across the globe, companies of all sizes and across all industries are at risk. So what can you do to prepare your business for the inevitable? Be proactive. Create a disaster recovery and business continuity plan before it’s too late.

Optinet Systems has partnered with Datto, Inc. and disaster recovery expert, Donna R. Childs, for a special webinar that will dive into the 5 key elements of disaster recovery and business continuity planning.

Secure your seat today and learn how to develop an action plan that keeps you prepared for anything.




Thursday, February 4th
2PM ET | 11AM PT



Donna R. Childs

Description: Disaster Recovery Expert – Donna R. Childs
Author & Founder
Prisere LLC



Christine Gassman

Description: Christine Gassman – Datto, Inc.
Manager, Partner Development
Datto, Inc.



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