Data Loss Failure – Are you protected?

Data Loss Failure – Are you protected?

August 2015 – Optinet Systems’ HyperV server experienced a RAID system failure during the widespread BC Hydro wind storm outage, taking 3 Virtual Machines Offline: the Phone system server hosting all Voicemail and PBX Configuration for the company, the CRM system with all their customer data, and the voice recording system.  They expect to restore service sometime on Wednesday.  Full Story on page A3.

Thankfully, you never saw that headline – why didn’t you?

Because Optinet has backup, right?  You bet!  But it would have taken at least 2 days to reinstall all those applications, restore the files, and get all the data back in a useable format, so they could be fully operational.

Good thing they were testing out a new product line, just prior to this disaster.  Datto SIRIS 2™ had performed a backup 10 minutes before the power failed, as it does all day, every day.  The disaster meant the IT Department simply went back 10 minutes and restored the 3 failed servers to a Virtual Environment using the Datto SIRIS 2™, and were up and running in less than 15 minutes.

At the end of the day after the failover, they checked in with the user community – and none of them even realized the servers had gone down, and they weren’t running on the normal production servers.

The following evening, once having rebuilt the RAID Array, and had reinstalled the HyperV Server host software – they performed a Bare Metal Restore in under an hour, using a scheduled maintenance window.

Optinet Systems estimated the days of downtime to restore from a traditional backup, would have cost the business approximately $36,000 in downtime costs of lost revenue, payroll and potential loss of customers, given the Estimated Time To Repair of 2 days.  The Datto® BDR Solution paid for itself for the next 6 years, all in 1 day.

24% of companies say they have experienced a full data disaster in the past 24 months

70% of small businesses that experience a major data loss go out of business within a year

You need Comprehensive Data and Application Protection – local and cloud, backup and restore, with daily confirmation that the backup truly works, emailed to you.

Optinet can help you with that, with a subscription to full Business Disaster Recovery.

If your ShoreTel HQ Server goes down, sure, you have a DVS, but what about Director?  What about Workgroups?  Optinet Systems can now have it fully functioning again, in most cases in under 30 minutes after starting a restore. Don’t stop at the PBX though – we can also do the same with Exchange, SQL, File & Print Servers, etc. – and even the CEO’s laptop, after an accidental drop that crashes the hard drive.

Optinet can even restore the data immediately in the Cloud in under 30 minutes, and have a new unit to you Next Business Day, with a new BDR unit shipped to site with your data and applications on it, in the event of an environmental disaster such as flood or fire.

If you’re interested in how this solution works, and how to get this for your company – join us and Datto for a quick webinar on the technology on October 22nd.

Registration is open here.