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Securing your LAN, WAN and WiFI network from today’s and tomorrow’s threats

From layer 1 cable plant to Network Threat Management, and control over content and devices accessing your corporate data, the Optinet Systems IP Networking Team is here to help you with routing, security, and management. Utilizing the market-leading product line from Fortinet, and Layer 3 services from HP Networking, Optinet consolidates services into fewer devices and simplifies management. You benefit from peace of mind and significant total cost of ownership reductions.

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The Optinet Systems team specializes in Structured Wiring Systems for Local Area Networks. We provide design, engineering, installation, testing and certification, troubleshooting, maintenance and ongoing systems support.

Whether you’re expanding an existing infrastructure or building a brand new one, Optinet can assist in planning and recommendations. Optinet technicians carry current accreditations for the technologies we offer and our installations are fully warrantied. We also provide ongoing systems support as well as network observation testing services to ensure consistent, optimum performance.

Contrasting local area networks (LANs) that are usually limited to a room, building or campus, a wide area network or (WAN) is a computer network covering a broad geographical area. Optinet maintains certifications with several tier-one hardware manufacturers, and we work with all Network Carriers.
Whether you are looking for a File/Print Server, a platform for your VMware deployment, or a platform for an Integrated Services Group or IP Voice deployment, Optinet can recommend the appropriate solution:

  • Density optimized for flexibility
  • Multi-server deployments
  • Rack and cluster model

Most commonly, Optinet Systems works with the Hewlett Packard product line. We believe that HP offers the best available feature sets, and Total Cost of Ownership for Small/Medium businesses up to 1,000 users. HP is renowned for affordable, entry-level rack servers for workgroups, remote sites and high-performance computing environments.

HP also offers midrange server solutions that are scalable, redundant, accommodate high availability and high capacity demands of virtualization, email and database applications requiring large capacity storage.

Optinet Systems can help you with planning and deployment of the latest and most advanced versions of Microsoft’s Windows Platforms, both Server and Workstation-level. In conjunction with Microsoft’s recent release of both Windows Server 2012 (September 2012) and Windows 8 (October 2012) – the aging Operating Systems that many companies still rely upon to run their business have been moved from Mainstream Support. This includes Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

As a result of this loss of Mainstream Support, maintaining systems running these Operating Systems leaves you vulnerable to new attacks, and lack of support for new applications that require the new features that were first introduced in Windows Vista, and continued in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008/2008 R2. For instance, Microsoft Office 2013 which was introduced parallel to Windows 8, requires Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 R2, or Windows Server 2012 (note lack of support for Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, or even Windows Server 2008 non-R2).

Today’s businesses are being overwhelmed by the expansive growth in digital data. Emerging requirements for applications such as server virtualization and consolidation, digital video storage for security, contact center recording and disaster recovery are driving organizations need for flexible and scalable storage solutions. Best-in-class storage infrastructure solutions will address reliability, performance, scalability, continuity and simplified management resulting in a reduced TCO and increased ROI.

Optinet Systems offers storage solutions from Hewlett Packard, Buffalo, and other manufacturers. As of November 2012, systems are available out-of-box up to 140TB in storage. Whether you are looking for Tape Storage, Disk Backup Systems, Disk Arrays and Enclosures, or Network Attached Storage Systems, we have the solutions for your business.

Today’s threat landscape is much more complex and multi-faceted than ever in history. Advancements and new technologies such as social networking, and the widespread adoption of Smart Phones, and Tablets have introduced new security threats to your network and its data.

Fortinet FortiGuard Services provide up-to-the-minute protection, with centralized web filters, email server filters for Spam and Virus Protection, Antivirus Definitions, and Intrusion Protection Services would have prevented this worm. September 2012, Microsoft released a Security Advisory that a new vulnerability that allowed a Remote Code Execution Attack, hosted on infected web servers was discovered in IE 6, 7, 8, and 9. It took Microsoft 5 days to release a patch to fix the problem. FortiGuard customers were never vulnerable if they subscribed to Web Filtering services.

BYOD is the newest acronym for “Bring Your Own Device”; is your strategy secure and ready?

Now in 2012, the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android Smartphones and Tablets have the ability to allow the user access to Corporate Sensitive Data, and store it on the device as it walks out the door. A stolen or lost iPhone is now as dangerous as a laptop full of corporate data. If you are trusting users to simply not bring these devices to work it will be wise to re-think that trust. In a study of 3,500 Gen Y employees, nearly a third said they would contravene a company’s security policy that forbids them to use their personal devices at work for work purposes.

Let Optinet help you secure your LAN, WAN and WiFI network from Today and Tomorrow’s Threats.

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