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Network Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure

To ensure reliable, consistent, long-term performance of your Structured Wiring System, Optinet can help determine the best product fit for your application.

We apply best practice industry standards (BICSI, IEEE) as well as adherence to building codes for all jurisdictions.

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The wiring infrastructure that resides at the base level of the OSI model is the foundation for the transport of vital information! Regardless of the medium used, wiring networks are complex in nature and demand the highest design and installation standards to ensure reliable, consistent performance over the long term, and therefore economy.

Unfortunately, wiring systems are frequently assessed as being commodity products, which are commonly evaluated based solely on the price of deployment. When selecting a Wiring System – as with all things in life, you generally get what you pay for. Economies are available, but only after addressing the overall transport requirements of the network.

Optinet maintains certifications with several tier-one Cable manufacturers; let the Optinet Sales Engineer help determine the best product fit for your application.

Fiber optic networks offer multi-gigabit performance supporting voice, data, and video transmission. The Optinet team has been deploying optic networks for nearly two decades, providing a variety of services; constructing and supporting optical networks.

Whether you require a network expansion, fusion splicing or a new backbone as certified systems vendor, Optinet possesses the ability and the experience to engineer, design and deploy fiber optic systems of ever caliber.

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