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The Mitel Mobility Router is like having your desk phone in your pocket, and more!

The Mobility Router lets users make and receive calls from both their enterprise and personal mobile phone numbers with fast handover to the best network. Optinet Systems Inc is certified to scale this innovative app to your enterprise.

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Optinet Systems Inc is a Certified Mitel Mobility dealer.

The Mitel Mobility Router is an innovative and highly scalable network appliance that fuses IP telephony, enterprise wireless LANs, carrier cellular networks, and location technology to extend voice and Unified Communications (UC) to mobile devices.

The Mobility Router lets users make and receive calls from both the enterprise and personal mobile phone numbers by automatically selecting the best network (Wi-Fi or cellular) with fast and automatic network handover, to optimize cost, call quality and battery life.

Available in three options, sized to meet the needs of any enterprise, the Mitel Mobility Router can be deployed as an integral mobility feature in the Mitel Unified Communication system, or with the customer’s choice of PBX/UC vendors.

In conjunction with the Mobility Router is the Mitel RoamAnywhere Client App for your Smart Phone (Blackberry, Apple iOS, Android and Nokia Symbian Compatible).

Mitel Mobility’s RoamAnywhere Client

Mitel Mobility’s RoamAnywhere Client for mobile devices is designed to extend Unified Communications (UC) applications to a wide range of smartphones and tablets from Android, BlackBerry OS, Apple iOS and Symbian S60 (Nokia).

End users can enjoy enterprise desk phone features such as extension dialing, call transfer and directory query on their smartphones.

Additionally, they can make and receive calls from both enterprise and personal cellular numbers while the best network work (Wi-Fi, 3G/4G or cellular) is automatically selected. Fast and automatic network handover helps call continuity across networks, and moves calls to Wi-Fi when available, thereby slashing mobile costs.

The RoamAnywhere Client also infuses mobile context while optimizing communications algorithms for mobile devices to reduce data and battery usage—all through an application that remains transparent to the end-user and keeps connectivity on the go “brilliantly simple”.

Easy for users to install and activate in seconds, this intuitive user interface provides a powerful yet lightweight way to stay connected and collaborate effectively, driving productivity and improving responsiveness.

Desk phone in the pocket

Mobile workers get all of the capabilities from their desk phone anywhere, allowing them to have their office wherever they are, regardless of whether they are inside or outside the enterprise.

Slash costs by up to 80 percent

Support for a wide range of call handling features helps slash costs by up to 80 percent, including international roaming and dialing.

Easy access to directories

Users have access to presence-enabled corporate directories for rapid access to peers from the mobile device without needing to access other applications to find contact information.

Productivity-boosting features

Easily identify business and personal calls, and manage a single voicemail to improve productivity.

Versatile and secure

Mitel Mobility is available for a wide range of smartphones and tablets from Android, BlackBerry OS, Apple iOS, and Symbian S60.

As office environments become increasingly mobile, Wireless technologies have paved the way for a new generation of high-bandwidth, standards-based wireless LAN technology.

This trend is not slowing or going away, fueled by the popularity of the Smartphone, Tablets and Laptops – IEEE is now working on a standard expected in 2014 for up to 7Gbps Wi-Fi access in 2.4Ghz/5Ghz/60GHz tri-band. All the technicalities in optimizing these networks demand expertise.

The ultimate performance and the ultimate success of any wireless network are largely dependent upon the overall design and deployment of the network. Optinet Systems can provide a full turn-key solution, or offer technical support with technology selection, network design, and project implementation.

Wi-Fi Controller

Fortinet consolidated security platforms deliver fully integrated security technologies in a single device, delivering increased performance, improved protection, and reduced costs. They act as a wireless controller while providing firewall, VPN, intrusion prevention, application control, web filtering and many other security and network technologies. There are FortiGate Wi-Fi Controller platforms for every size network, from small offices to global carriers and service providers.

Wi-Fi Access Points – Fortinet

FortiAP wireless access points are Optinet’s choice for enterprise class, controller-managed devices that extend FortiGate® consolidated security functions to your wireless networks. Each FortiAP access point tunnels all of its traffic to the wireless controller integrated into FortiGate platforms, providing a single console to manage both wired and wireless network traffic.

Wireless access point FortiAP solutions provide increased visibility and policy enforcement capabilities while simplifying your overall network environment. They employ the latest 802.11n-based wireless chip technology, offering high-performance wireless access point with integrated wireless monitoring and support for multiple virtual APs on each radio. FortiAPs work in conjunction with the feature-rich family of FortiGate controllers to provide a fortified wireless space that delivers complete content protection.

Optinet can provide Point to Point wireless systems enable you to connect two sites with broadband wireless Ethernet and T1/E1 circuits. Typical Systems offer up to 48 Mbps of radio bandwidth. This means you can transport 1 or 2 T1/E1 voice circuits and have ample bandwidth remaining for 10/100Base-T Ethernet traffic.
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