Optinet receives 2nd ShoreTel Circle of Excellence Award!

On behalf of Optinet Systems, Judy Sharabi, Denise Maschewski, Kelly Evans and yours truly, Suzanne Sherrod, were ecstatic to receive the prestigious CoE Award for 2014 at the ShoreTel ONE Partner Conference, April 29-May 1, 2015 in Orlando, Florida.

Our entire Unified Communications team can truly take pride in their efforts that have contributed to our receiving this recognition for the second consecutive year!

Our customers also played a significant role in our CoE award by providing annual feedback through the ShoreTel SAMETRIX customer satisfaction surveys. Optinet uses this feedback to constantly improve our business communications practice. Our purpose has always been to know our customers and through our expertise and support, to help them succeed. While we don’t need kudos for every job well done, it is deeply encouraging to get positive, appreciative feedback.

When the feedback is direct from our customers to our team this is indeed spirit-lifting. A few months ago one of our customers blew us away—she wrote personal notes to each of the staff at Optinet who helps her with her service requests.

Yes, we’re just doing our jobs as we should, but a shout out to all our customers: “Thanks ever so much that you take the time to let us know when we’ve made your day!”

Circle ShoreTel Award

Circle of Excellence 2014

Circle of Excellence

Left to right:
Eric Holowach, ShoreTel PBM
Don Joos, ShoreTel President & CEO
Judy Sharabi, Optinet Ops Mgr.
Suzanne A. Sherrod, Optinet President
Denise Maschewski, Optinet Voice Specialist,
Kelly Evans, Optinet Senior Technician
Dave Hobbs, ShoreTel Sales Engineer
George Pappas, ShoreTel Canada VP
David Petts, ShoreTel Sr. VP World Wide Sales